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Security & Backing

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  • Utilizes GPS/Satellite tracking and cellular reporting to the cloud, along with Bluetooth beacon integration and vibration sensors/accelerometers.
  • Every employee or contractor can be tracked in real-time, within the buildings or in open air outside.
  • Staff are tracked by GPS when outdoors and by Bluetooth when within facilities or vehicles.
  • Easily create multiple geo-fenced zones to receive alerts and reports if staff enters particular zones.
  • Reports can be generated by location, by employee, by team or manager.
  • Manages from 10 to 10,000+ personnel in multiple teams or projects.
  • Anti-theft/Anti-tampering protection available to equipment armed with Scout devices.


  • Manage and report real-time location of all employees and contractors onsite.
  • Generate history reports by location, managers, project and crew.
  • Anti-theft/Anti-tampering protection for equipment.
  • Track the location and movement of each piece of equipment 24/7.
  • Obtain reports on time-on-site and time-at-locations for each employee or crew.
  • Managers & supervisors obtain information needed to maximize the efficiency and output of equipment.

Security & Backing

  • TCP/IP-TLS security & JWT encryption for reliable and secure data.
  • MQTT running on Google IoT Cloud for redundant cloud- based data storage.
  • All Scout equipment comes with extended replacement warranties.


  • Scout IoT/GPS Tracker-Transponder
  • Cat M1/LTE Mobile Internet Connectivity
  • Precision GPS Location Tracking
  • Accelerometer for movement and impact alerts.
  • FOTA-capable so updates and enhanced features can be automatically added to devices in the field.
Each worker on high-volume jobsite is provided a Scout GPS-BT badge transceiver
Workers are tracked in real-time from location to location via the Scout badge & Bluetooth beacons
Management sees real-time location & receives history reports by location, managers and crews

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