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Whether you have a fleet of gas powered, 36 volt, 48 volt or even the new 75 volt lithium battery golf carts, Scout is here to help with your tracking and golf cart fleet management needs.

We can tailor a program for any size fleet and you can choose between using our turn key fleet management system or transfer the data into your own system via our free API.


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Security & Backing

Gain a sense of security with your golf carts.

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  • Utilizes GPS/Satellite tracking and cellular reporting to the cloud, with vibration sensors and accelerometers.
  • Every cart can be tracked in real-time, wherever it’s located.
  • Immediate notification via mobile apps and web-app of collisions or roll-overs.
  • Easily create multiple geo-fenced zones to manage carts as they move from zone to zone on the course.
  • After-hours instant notification via mobile apps if anyone tampers with or moves equipment.
  • Reports can be generated of cart usage, by course crew, by city or by region or corporate.
  • Carts can be easily reassigned company-wide by course, manager or location.
  • Manages from 10 to 10,000+ carts in multiple groups or fleets.
  • Daily start-time and stop-time available for each cart (based on movement sensors).


  • Track the location and movement of each cart 24/7.
  • Anti-theft/Anti-tampering protection: Receive after-hours movement/motion alerts for theft and tampering detection.
  • Instant notification of collisions or roll-overs via mobile apps and web-app.
  • Immediately track and recover stolen or misplaced carts.
  • Obtain reports on time-of-use for all carts.
  • Managers & supervisors obtain information needed to maximize the efficiency and output of equipment.

Security & Backing

  • TCP/IP-TLS security & JWT encryption for reliable and secure data.
  • MQTT running on Google IoT Cloud for redundant cloud- based data storage.
  • All Scout equipment comes with extended replacement warranties.


  • Scout IoT/GPS Tracker-Transponder
  • Cat M1/LTE Mobile Internet Connectivity
  • Precision GPS Location Tracking
  • Accelerometer for movement and impact alerts.
  • FOTA-capable so updates and enhanced features can be automatically added to devices in the field.
Each cart in the fleet has a Scout GPS transmitter fitted & wired into battery power.
Managers have web-app access to view and manage the flow of carts in each area of the course.
Mobile apps and web-app provide instant notification of collisions or roll-overs as well as location data.

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