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Scout GPS/IoT develops custom open-air asset tracking solutions for companies and industries.

The Scout platform can be customized for any commercial market, product line or customer including the ones listed below.

Golf Carts

Track each golf cart in real time

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Power Sports

Track the location and movement of an entire fleet 24/7

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Use for anti-theft and location tracking

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Heavy Equipment

Manage equipment on and off the site

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Specialty Shipping

Track shipments every step along the way until delivery

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Utility Trailer Anti-Theft

Receive instant notifications of movement/tampering with trailers

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Worksite Personnel

Track every employee/contractor in real time

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Hospital Assets

Track every asset necessary to the hospital

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Offsite Medical Equipment

Track medical equipment when moved offsite

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Custom Development

Scout can be a fit

for any company

or industry.

Think Scout might be a good fit for your company? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Case Studies

Curious to learn more about Scout loT/GPS? Explore case studies that provided solutions for several important concerns that companies faced.

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