Our Platform

Scout GPS/IoT can develop custom tracking and remote data hub solutions for any company in any industry.

The Scout GPS/IoT platform delivers unparalleled tracking and connectivity to assets or personnel both indoors and outdoors and in even the harshest or most remote of environments. Scout provides precision GPS location, as well as data from any nearby Bluetooth devices, and geofence zone-crossing alerts, tampering or movement alerts, reporting of temperature, shocks or drops, speed and distance traveled, all over secure MQTT. Track the assets and personnel that are vital to your industry with Scout with any combination of our currently available cases, circuit boards, firmwares and apps or let us build a custom solution from the ground up to fit your specific needs.

We are the manufacturer! We use the latest technology to develop cutting edge solutions for our customers and we build it all right here in the United States.

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Product Quality Control

We handle all final assembly, firmware burn-in, packaging and shipping right here in our Gainesville, FL headquarters.

Worldwide Cat-M1 Cellular Connectivity

Scout devices utilize Cat-M1 cellular technology allowing them to communicate location information and other data in even the most remote of locations.

Custom Housings

From standard snap together designs to IP rated requirements, our team of engineers can customize our existing housings or design one from scratch to fit any need.

GPS Satellites

Scout utilizes one of the most powerful built-in A-GPS chips available and has designed one of the most sophisticated GPS antennae in the world. Scout devices can provide precise location data within a foot or less.

MQTT Security

Scout offers full MQTT-enabled devices (including Google MQTT) that will ensure your location data and communications are safe and secure.

Custom Boards

Our in-house hardware engineers can design from scratch or customize any of our existing circuit boards to add or remove any components your use-case may require.

Next Generation Bluetooth

Scout’s full stack Bluetooth capability allows Scout units to not only send data via Bluetooth, but also act as a data hub and receive data and transmit it over the Cat M1 cellular network.

Custom Firmware

Not only do Scouts run on our proprietary firmware, the firmware can be customized to fit your exact needs. We can also easily update the firmware over the air should your needs change in the future.

Apps and APIs

Have us customize our mobile and web apps to fit any branding or functionality requirements or you can use our full API to create your own app or pull the data from the devices into an existing platform.

Scout can be a fit

for any company

in any industry