Case Study


This product was designed for a partner company that provides transportation equipment and services to the school industry.

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The Situation

The partner company listened to concerns and feedback it received from school superintendents and parents across the country that children were often required to wait outside in unsafe conditions, inclement weather, and even in snow and freezing temperatures for long periods of time waiting for their school busses to arrive.


The main aim of the partner company is to keep children and their families safe. The partner company needed a way to enable parents and family members to know when their child’s school bus was approaching the bus stop so the child wouldn’t have to wait in the extreme heat or cold for up to 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

The Solution

Scout modified its tracking devices to be installed inside school busses, providing location tracking to a web app, which Scout designed for the partner company. Parents and family members can use the app to receive alerts when the bus to which their child is assigned is nearing the bus stop.

To protect the safety and privacy of the children, the app requires parents to enroll and be approved by the school district. This ensures that only family members are able to receive notifications. Multiple family members may run the app for any given child, and there can be as many as 50 or more parents/family apps for each Scout enabled bus.

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