Case Study


The partner company provides home monitoring equipment used to evaluate sleep apnea for patients to use overnight in their homes.

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The Situation

The partner company has hundreds of multi-thousand dollar pieces of equipment constantly moving around the country to various homes for 24 to 48 hour periods. This type of equipment is costly, and efficient deployment is critical, so it is crucial for the company to be able to track all the equipment in the field in real time.

Maintaining the location of these moving assets is a tremendous logistical challenge. They needed a system of automatic location updating and tracking to allow them to simplify the logistical aspect of moving these pieces of equipment from one location to another on short notice.


The main goal was to simplify the logistics of the partner company’s service enabling the shipping and movement of equipment and providing assurance that all equipment is where it is supposed to be.

The Solution

Scout incorporated a modified Scout GPS tracking device into the home monitoring equipment. The device is wired into the power source of the machine, so it charges when the machine is plugged in. Scout provided API integration, allowing the partner company’s app and web app developers to integrate the location information and tracking alerts into their own proprietary apps for use by their management and field personnel. The system automatically alerts management if the equipment is moved without authorization.

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