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This product was designed for a major national hospital chain that was losing resources because expensive medical equipment could not be located if it left the building where its Bluetooth tracking network was set up.

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The Situation

In an attempt to keep track of valuable equipment, the partner company, a major national hospital chain in the U.S., implemented a hospital-wide Bluetooth tracking network to track various assets within the hospital. However, when an asset left the hospital it was no longer detectable by the Bluetooth network.

Expensive and potentially valuable assets could be lost or stolen once they were removed from the hospital, leaving no way to recover the assets and resulting in substantial costs for the partner company.


Although Bluetooth tracking is inexpensive and highly effective in an indoor environment, the hospital needed a more effective method of tracking its equipment once it was outside the building.

The Solution

Scout developed specialized Scout tracking devices that have integrated full stack Bluetooth as well as GPS satellite connectivity and cellular connectivity on any LTE band. When a piece of equipment with the Scout tracking device leaves the hospital, the device can tell that it has left Bluetooth perimeter and turns on the GPS tracking, which sends updated alerts to hospital staff while it continues to track location of the asset outside of the hospital.

The Scout device has specially developed firmware which enabled the partner company’s development team to integrate the alerts and tracking into their own propriety management systems and apps through API calls.

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