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This product was designed for a partner company that provides personnel management software and services to large scale worksites with thousands of employees, including construction and manufacturing sites.

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The Situation

On large-scale construction sites where thousands of workers are employed, some are direct employees and others are employees of contractors and subcontractors. Knowing where workers are located on the job site is imperative for eliminating waste, providing contractor accountability and keeping workers safe.

More than 90% of large construction projects are 70% or more over-budget by completion. And more than 90% are subject to substantial time overruns. Further, some areas of the job site are highly dangerous for unauthorized workers who don’t have the training to understand the inherent dangers, and as a result more than 100,000 workers are killed worldwide annually while on a job site.

Tracking thousands or tens of thousands of workers in real-time provides management with the tools needed to reduce cost and time overruns while protecting workers.

The partner company needed a way to track on-site employees, get real-time updates on the budget and identify whether or not workers were certified to be in certain areas of the job site.


Major challenges:

  • Automated timekeeping for all on-site employees
  • Real-time visibility on employee resources vs. budget
  • Ability to identify top performers based on quantifiable results
  • Reduction in injuries & fatalities in dangerous areas of the job site
  • Reduction of overall costs and time overruns

The Solution

Scout turned a tracking device into a personal identification badge with a Bluetooth element. The small Scout-powered ID badges were provided to all workers. This enabled automated timekeeping based on when workers entered the job site. Indoors the partner company installed Bluetooth beacons at each worksite location, and the Scout-powered ID badges automatically track and record which workers are at which location. Outdoors, the ID badges automatically switch to GPS tracking. The construction managers can create geo-fenced zones to determine which workers are in certain outdoor worksites.

The Scout-powered ID badges can detect if the wearer of the badge is using a piece of equipment with a Bluetooth chip. The device will then send an alert to the construction managers if the worker is not certified to be using that piece of equipment.

Productivity is also able to be tracked and compared against the budget, and labor resources are compared in real-time to expectations. The partner company is able to integrate AI-powered decision-making to optimize productivity. And the work environment is made safer by ensuring that workers are not in unsafe areas.

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